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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 14 Continues: Chalice Canada

Hint: This member of ours was rated an "A" charity by MoneySense for the third consecutive year. They are a ministry of the Catholic community. Any ideas which member this might be? The Basics: Chalice is a children's sponsorship program and supports "42,000 children in 46 Sponsor Sites in 15 developing countries. Chalice places special emphasis on helping to provide children with the chance to go to school and learn." We believe that education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Their mission is "to create and nurture caring relationships of life and love wherever we serve.Chalice proclaims Christ's loving care for the poor and suffering by inspiring our Catholic community to support local initiatives in developing countries, primarily through the sponsorship of children and elderly in need." WHY WE LOVE CHALICE:

  • The public can sponsor a child for just $33/ month. We fancy that's definitely less than what some people spend on coffee each month...You can also buy one time gifts!

  • Chalice looks to educate children while they are still children through their efforts 'children helping children'

  • Chalice commits 92.7% of its spending in support of programs.Talk about limiting overhead!

i want to spend more time with Chalice:

  • Experience it yourself and read about past mission trips here and here

  • Want to have dinner?

Read about any of our past featured organizations in the reMEMBER Campaign Continue to spread the word about our members and the reMEMBER Campaign! Only 2 more weeks left! Be a part of our timely updates on twitter @ACIC #reMEMBERcampaign Stay tuned this week. You might be our daily feature...


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