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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 14: CAUSE Canada

Good morning from the ACIC offices! We're heading to a workout for public health care. Join us! Hint: This organization was founded in 1984 by one couple. Since then, they have raised over 35 million for development programs in Latin America and Africa! Have you heard about this organization? The Basics: Christian Aid for Under-Assisted Societies Everywhere is "an international relief and development agency working in West Africa and Central America. Our development priorities include:

  • Primary Health Care (PHC)

  • Water and Sanitation

  • Education

  • Reforestation

  • Gender-Specific Development Initiatives (Women’s Projects)

  • Micro-enterprise Projects"

You might know them as CAUSE Canada. Their current projects include everything from building birthing huts in Sierra Leone to educating Canadian students about the Millennium Development Goals. WHY WE LOVE CAUSE CANADA:

  • Their assets-based approach reminds us of another organization we love who takes a similar approach (ABCD anyone?)

  • Their emphasis over and over again that development is a process NOT an end

  • Their openness about faith guiding their work

i want to spend more time with CAUSE Canada:

  • We love hearing stories from the interns' travels

  • More stories from the ED & co-founder, Bev Carrick

Read about any of our past featured organizations in the reMEMBER Campaign Continue to spread the word about our members and the reMEMBER Campaign! Only 2 more weeks left! Be a part of our timely updates on twitter @ACIC #reMEMBERcampaign Stay tuned this week. You might be our daily feature...

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