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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 13 Continues: The Coady International Institute

We've got not one, not two, but THREE members that we're celebrating today! Ready other posts from today here and here. Hint: We recently held our AGM & Symposium at this venue. This institute is named after the Rev Dr. Moses Coady. The names says it all... The Basics: The Coady International Institute or more simply, the Coady, was "established by St. Francis Xavier University in 1959, and named for Rev. Dr. Moses Coady, the Coady International Institute works with innovative people and organizations to create effective, practical and sustainable solutions to reduce global poverty and injustice. The Coady Institute accomplishes this through leadership education, action partnerships, and research. The Institute also engages in initiatives to help young Canadians become active global citizens."

What exactly is the Coady committed to?

  • Providing the best possible leadership education programs for development professionals from around the world;

  • Working on the ground with partner organizations around the world to help them build their capacity;

  • Providing programs for young Canadians that encourage them to become active, more engaged global citizens;

  • Continuing to develop a knowledge network through which to support and share the accumulation of new knowledge that supports successful development practice.


  • The approach they have adopted looks to focus on what communities have to bring about change

  • Their emphasis on empowering women leaders

  • Its events always boast admirable and world-renowned speakers

i want to spend more time with the Coady:

  • Interesting time reading past students of the Coady. Everyone from the Commissioner of Nunavut to the Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda

  • Read the story of the Coady!

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