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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 13 Continues: Development And Peace

Hint: This organization conducts programs in almost 30 countries around the world. Their vision is very simple. They are committed to change and welcome the involvement of people from all faith backgrounds. Any ideas? The Basics: The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace or CCODP for short, is the "official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis. Their mission? "Support partners in the Global South who promote alternatives to unfair social, political and economic structures. It educates the Canadian population about the causes of poverty and mobilizes Canadians towards actions for change. In the struggle for human dignity, the organization forms alliances with northern and southern groups working for social change. It also supports women in their search for social and economic justice." WHY WE LOVE CCODP:

  • They operate some amazing campaigns that not only include thousands of Canadians, but also raise important funding for those in other parts of the world.Check out the Share Lent campaign

  • They place an emphasis on youth involvement and make it easy for youth to participate in making a difference

  • Their relationship with the church and promotion of inter-faith cooperation

i want to spend more time with CCODP:

  • An extensive youtube channel 'devpeacetv'

  • This blog addresses some serious questions about international aid

  • What do you think about these grades?

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