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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 12: GPI Atlantic

Hopefully you got some time to hit up the beach this past weekend if you haven't already. We're in our third week of the reMEMBER Campaign and have another week of great posts in store to celebrate the work of our members.

Hint: Did you know that gross domestic product (GDP) based measures "were never meant to be used as a measure of progress" like we do today? This organization seeks to educate the public about how GDP actually goes against many of our values and looks to present an alternative.

Have you heard about GPI?

The Basics: GPI Atlantic or the Genuine Progress Index for Atlantic Canada is a "non-profit research and education organization that is creating a Genuine Progress Index for the small Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Over the past 10 years, GPIAtlantic has produced more than 80 carefully-researched reports on topics within the six main categories that make up the Genuine Progress Index - living standards, population health, time use, community vitality, education and environmental quality."

"Indigenous people get it right away...because they live with nature, not separate from it...We look at the economy as a closed box..."


  • Their vision and hope was set from the beginning

  • They are leading the way in terms of research about the Nova Scotia economy...did you know that volunteerism adds $1.9 billion to our province's economy?!

  • Like ACIC, they believe in the strength of can become a GPI Atlantic member today!

i want to spend more time with GPI Atlantic:

  • Check out the components of the Genuine Progress Index

  • Have you heard about this type of measure?

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