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Member Spotlight - Breaking The Silence

Breaking the Silence (BTS) is a Maritimes-based solidarity network that began to organize in 1988 to support the efforts of Guatemalans struggling for political, social, economic and environmental justice.

They recognize that injustice is connected to structural inequalities both within and between countries, and BTS is committed to supporting structural transformation both in Guatemala and in Canada.

At the core of BTS’ work is the understanding that we all deserve to be treated as equals, and that we need to build long-term relationships based on solidarity and mutuality. They respond to the needs and issues defined by their partners and by other Guatemalans with whom the network works, while supporting them as they take charge of their own lives. The relationships that are built are based on friendship, sharing and dialogue as people work, learn and grow together.

As a community of people who share this commitment to solidarity, Breaking the Silence undertake advocacy and lobbying; organize delegations; send interns, volunteers, and human rights accompaniers; promote fairly-traded coffee; and raise awareness within their own communities through speaking tours by Guatemalan leaders and other political campaigns.

ACIC and BTS have currently been working tirelessly to coordinate our Global Youth Leaders Tour to Guatemala from July 5-14th, 2013. We are pleased to announce four youth participants have been selected, one representing each of the Atlantic Provinces to demonstrate the diversity of our region. In Guatemala, students will meet with staff and volunteers from local organizations, as well as community members who have been impacted by international cooperation efforts. Upon return to Canada, the youth will participate in a speaking tour, sharing their experiences and perceptions through a presentation and video they will create based on their time in Guatemala. Youth will share their experiences with students and other organizations in the Atlantic region throughout the fall/winter of 2013. BTS and ACIC are extremely excited about this opportunity, and are wishing all the very best to these dedicated youth!

To learn more about Breaking the Silence, please visit:

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