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Meet Our Interns: Jonathan Wright

“The opportunity to do great things with and for great people.”

Twenty-eight –year-old Jonathan Wright is from High Prairie, Alberta. He’s had the opportunity to travel the world. He’s been to 39 countries and has lived in four; France, China, Korea and Thailand. He’s about to make it 40. Jonathan is about to take part in a six month internship, spending two months working with GPI Atlantic in Glen Haven, NS as the Youth Research Media Facilitator and four months overseas in Bhutan working alongside the Bhutan Youth Development Fund.

He says what attracted him to this internship the most was, “the opportunity to work and learn from other countries aboriginals; to learn their cultures and botany, doing so will improve my traditional land use consultation skills.” He states that, “the seriousness and complexity of the culture and religion” will be the biggest obstacle to overcome. By keeping “an open mind, learning as much as [he] can and allowing [himself] the opportunity to try and learn new things” Jonathan, hopes to overcome his challenges.

We asked Jonathan:

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

I hope to become a better man than I am now and to improve my knowledge of culture and traditional environmental consultations so I can bring them back to Canada.

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