Mikinduri Children of Hope

Mikinduri Children of Hope works to help relieve the effects of poverty in Kenya, by working with local leaders, churches, government agencies, and international partners. Get involved in one of their many fundraising events or participate in a KENCAN tour to help provide vision, dental, and medical care. www.mikinduri.com

GPI Atlantic

GPI Youth are active internationally and at home helping to create genuine progress in environmental conservation, sustainable economics, cultural promotion and good governance. To join GPI Atlantic’s youth program (age 13 to 30), email gwen@gpiatlantic.org


Chalice is an International aid charity that primarily supports community initiatives in developing countries through sponsorship of children and elderly in need. Our volunteers help organize our campaigns, packaging and mailing, contacting parishes and data entry. Please Contact Randy Spaulding at randyspaulding@chalice.ca or (902) 252-3917 ext. 702.