Professional Mentors for Indigenous Interns

The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC) and Northern Council for Global Cooperation (NCGC) are recruiting professional volunteer mentors to support cohort 2 of the International Internships for Indigenous Youth Program (IIIY). The IIIY professional mentorship program will support the professional and academic development of interns by providing one-on-one mentorship with established professionals working in global and community development.  

As professional mentors, Council staff, board members, etc. will support ACIC/NCGC in delivering key program outcomes and in ensuring that interns maximize the professional and personal opportunities that the internship provides. Mentors will contribute to this objective by supporting interns in:  

  • Developing and identifying transferable skills gained through their participation in the internship program,  

  • Supporting increased understanding of their community’s needs, employment and education opportunities post-internship (especially relating to supporting international development goals),  

  • Encouraging intern reflection on international development issues, including environmental sustainability, governance and gender equality, 

  • Supporting intern capacity to contribute to international development in their own communities and abroad, and;  

  • Connecting interns with stakeholders to address local and international development issues.  

About the program:  
Each professional mentor will work with one IIIY intern for a minimum of  10 hours between August 20th 2019 and 1 March 2020. As the interns will be overseas beginning at the end of August, this relationship may begin over phone/video chat and/or email. Depending on the partnership, and geographical considerations, the mentorship may formally conclude with an in-person meeting. Throughout the 4-month program, IIIY interns will explore career and academic opportunities with their mentor, identify transferable skills gained during their international internship, set learning goals for the duration of the program and build their professional networks. Mentors will play an active role in supporting intern’s understanding of international development issues through discussion, sharing of resources and supporting reflection on their experience overseas. The mentorship program will also provide the Councils and those involved the opportunity to engage deeper with Indigenous youth and support the development of a generation of Indigenous leaders in Canada’s global development sector.  

Council staff, board members, Council members and IIIY National Partners and associates with:  

  • 2+ years of experience working in global development, with Indigenous serving organizations, First Nations governments, or other relevant sectors.  

  • Ability to contribute a total of 10 hours with the intern.  

  • Interested in sharing lessons and guidance, willingness to guide and challenge mentees in their own goal-making and support critical reflection on global and community development.  

Mentor responsibilities include:  

  • Supporting intern’s professional development goals while abroad, including identifying transferable skills developed during internship, areas of opportunity, how to achieve internship goals, and support general development of professional skills to support their time in the field.  

  • Supporting interns in post-internship academic and professional goal planning, including but not limited to how to work in Canada’s global development sector, public engagement and global citizenship.  

  • Sharing relevant opportunities and facilitating professional connections in the province/territory post-internship, providing resume support and relaying developments in the field.   

  • Encouraging continued reflection on program participation and career trajectories.   

  • Developing interns’ relationship with the Councils to encourage engagement beyond program.  

Intern responsibilities include:  

  • Commitment to maintaining and proactively setting up mentor/mentee appointments, thoughtful reflection, engagement and openness to relationship development with mentor.    

Membership support for the professional development program is greatly appreciated. ACIC/NCGC view the program as a mutually beneficial arrangement for mentor and mentee, in which mentors will share their experience while interns will gain a greater understanding of the ICN, CCIC, Council members and Canada’s development sector and ideally continue to engage with the Councils in the future.  


To sign-up as a mentor, you can fill out our online form, or email a copy of your bio and/or areas of specialization to before August 15th, 2019. ACIC/NCGC will endeavour to pair mentors from Council’s respective regions or based on matching professional interests.