Southern Speakers Fund

The purpose of the Southern Speakers Symposium Fund is to provide opportunities for Southern partners to dialogue with Atlantic Canadians on issues and demonstrate impact of efforts in international cooperation. ACIC recognizes that there is value added to the member’s work or additional public engagement opportunities that may have taken place in conjunction with the speaker’s participation in the ACIC symposium.One of ACIC’s goals is to increase the effectiveness of Canadian development partners by providing opportunities for members and other stakeholders to dialogue, share good practices and build capacity for effective sustainable development.

Lissy Chacko.png

Lissy Chacko

Lissy Chacko has vast experience of working with different groups of people over the years: practicing family law in the courts and under the State Women’s Commission in Kerala (the Southern part of India), serving as a member on the Juvenile Justice Board for 4 years, and joining the religious life with the Good Shepherd Sisters Bangalore, a partner of Chalice Canada. Lissy has built strong relationships with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to assist vulnerable people through implementations of programs in the local communities. She has also organized and implemented campaigns of women/ girl empowerment programs and participated in the protection of women in Kerala through creation and implementation of policies.


Sandra Moran

Sandra Moran is an advocate for LGBT, women's and Indigenous rights, an accomplished musician and, most recently, a politician. In 2015, Sandra made history as the first feminist and first openly gay Member of Congress to be elected in Guatemala. She is a member of the Convergence CPO-CRD party, which brings together feminists, students, farmers, as well as Indigenous peoples.

2017 Symposium

Alice Mugisho Musimwa

Alice Mugisho Musimwa is from East and Central African Association for Indigenous Rights (ECAAIR - NB ACIC member). Alice Mugisho Musimwa has worked with ECAAIR since 2010 as a coordinator of a team of 6 Human Rights Advocates working to defend the rights of vulnerable women and children particularly girls victims of traumatic events in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This financial year alone, Ms. Alice and her team of advocates have provided legal counselling and defended over 500 cases of rape, sexual violence and children’s rights abuses in different courts in the country.

2016 Symposium

Mbarouk Mussa Omar

Mbarouk M. Omar, founder and Executive Director of Community Forests Pemba. Mr. Omar has over 17years of experience leading community-based environmental conservation and education initiatives,including forest restoration,throughout Pemba, and has gained trust and respect at all levels of Pemban society.

Community Forests International (NB ACIC member) is partnered with Community Forests Pemba. The CFI/CFP partnership model is fairly unique, as both organizations continue to implement projects in direct collaboration, with CFP making key decisions for Tanzanian efforts, with CFI in a supporting role. 

2015 Symposium

Abdouah Kentah

Abdouah Kentah is the National Program Manager of Nova Scotia Gambia Association (NSGA - NS ACIC member). He is a development practitioner with profound experience in programs related to health promotion and human rights advocacy, especially those related with women and children. He has been involved in several organizational and national planning, implementations and monitoring of major development programs responding to Safe Water Education (SWE), HIV/AIDS and Life Skills, Malaria, maternal health challenges, governance, improvement in the education sector, reproductive health and sexual rights in The Gambia. Most re­cently Abdou has initiated NSGA's school and community based program of education for the prevention of Ebola Virus Disease in The Gambia.