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Individual Members' Public Engagement Fund

Applications accepted through the year. We encourage you to apply early.

Access the Individual Members' Public Engagement Fund to support your involvement in training and educational activities related to advancing Gender Equality or the Sustainable Development Goals.

ACIC invites individual members to apply for funding to support their involvement in training activities or conferences as they relate to gender equality and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). ACIC will provide funding of up to $200 to cover costs of registration, etc. Successful applicants will be expected to plan and organize a public engagement activity to share their learning after the event. A $100 honorarium will also be provided to successful applicants following the completion of a post-conference public engagement activity.

The conference/ training must take place before March 1, 2023, and public engagement presentation/ event must take place before March 15, 2023. The public engagement activity can also be with your workplace, community, school, etc.  

Assessment Criteria: 

  • Priority will be given to trainings or conferences that focus on gender equality. 

  • Nature and quality of the follow up public engagement (PE) activity. (Type of audience, number of people reached, etc.). 

  • Priority will be given to those within under-represented communities. 

  • Availability to attend full training or conference and actively participate (give feedback, input, complete homework, etc.). 

  • How conference or training will build personal or professional capacity. 


  • Have demonstrated experience and knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals, gender equality and/or the global development issues related to the conference or training of their choosing. Priority is given to trainings or conferences that focus on gender equality. 

  • Be a current, ratified individual member of ACIC in good standing (approved as Individual Member in the June 2023 AGM or earlier). 

Expectations and Commitments 

Selected individuals are expected to:  
  • participate fully during the conference or training  

  • share their learning experience of the conference or training via social media  

  • plan and deliver a post-conference public engagement activity in with their workplace, school group, community group, (examples include writing a blog or sharing what they learned at an event or presentation) 

  • provide a receipt to show proof of conference fees paid – to receive reimbursement 

To Apply 

If you are interested in receiving this funding, please submit your application using the button below. Applications are open on a rolling basis. ACIC needs unto a month to process applications, please apply at least a month before your proposed Public Engagement/conference/training. Please note on your application if your conference or training is fast approaching, and you’d like us to take a look at it.

Application Details

Apply by completing the application form linked below.

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Individual Members' Public Engagement Fund

Access the Individual Members' Public Engagement Fund to support your involvement in training and educational activities related to advancing Gender Equality or the Sustainable Development Goals.

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