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ReMEMBER Staff Edition: Rena

This woman is a powerhouse. You can count on her for everything from knowledge about every single one of our members to making you feel incredibly loved and welcomed in your first week at a job to even fixing the computers when the share drive crashes. Yes, everyone meet Rena Kulczycki. Rena Kulczycki - Membership Coordinator 1. What’s your job at ACIC?

yikes! it's changed so much over the 5 years I've worked here, but for the past little while my focus has been on our youth public engagement programming (organizing our fall youth conference and International Development Week program), and membership services (managing the Member Collaboration Fund program, member training and networking events and handling the new member applications and approvals). Oh, and helping Jen and Carolyn figure out how our printer works. ha! 2. What’s your favorite bit about working at ACIC?

Getting to work with people who are committed to global social and environmental justice. It's an incredible gift to be in the midst of such important and careful work. I came to this job with more of a "saviour complex" than I'd like to admit - and I'm leaving it incredibly humbled with a deeper understanding and commitment to solidarity than I could have even conceived of 5 years ago! It's been a real privilege to be in a position to facilitate connections between organizations & individuals through ACIC. 3. If you were a song, what song would best capture YOU? I had a hard time with this question, so I asked some friends. I'd never heard this song before today, but I think this suggestion is the best one yet: "Yes We Can" by Lee Dorsey, later covered by the Pointer Sisters. It's hard not to cringe at the gendered language (men/brothers = all people?), but the message is right on!

4. Favorite Quote? "Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other" - Euripides 5. Favorite neighborhood eatery by ACIC? How about favorite places to eat I've had on my adventures with ACIC across the region?

  • In St. John's: The Sprout on Duckworth

  • In Charlottetown: Sushi Jeju on Grafton

  • In Moncton: Calactus on Church

  • In Fredericton: The Blue Door on Regent AND the Farmer's Market on George

  • In Halifax, near the office: The Food Emporium (used to be on Gottingen, now it's on Windsor), DeeDees on Cornwallis and the cafeteria in the Public Housing building on the corner!


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