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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 20: Katimavik

Hint: Youth country-wide are voicing their thoughts (like this vid below) about this organization after the federal government recently stated that funding to this organization would be cut... youtube=

The Basics: Katimavik is an organization with a clear focus: They "engage youth in volunteer service and foster sustainable communities through challenging national youth learning programs...They are Canada’s leading youth volunteer-service program. It gives youth the chance to take part in intensive service and learning projects that help change Canadian communities. Through their volunteer work, youth grow and mature into engaged citizens." Their objectives?

  • To positively impact youth through Katimavik’s competency-based program that focuses on personal, social and professional development.

  • To positively impact communities through Katimavik’s program of volunteer service.

  • To positively impact Canada by exposing Canadian youth to the regional and cultural diversity of the country and its two official languages through Katimavik’s program model.


  • It does not just build up youth, but also the communities these youth serve in

  • Great and relevant programs that DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  • Now more than ever, Katimavik needs your help

i want to spend more time with KATIMAVIK:

  • add this to your subscriptions

  • stay up to date with their news

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