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#ReMEMBER Campaign Day 2

Can you imagine not being able to visit family and friends much less leave your house because you don't have glasses to properly see? This is just one of many stories from the village that today's organization works in.

Hint: the Founder of this organization, Ted Grant, once said, "If you don't want to get involved, don't come to Kenya...the people...capture your heart."

Our #reMEMBER Campaign DAY 2 Featured Member is… Mikinduri Children of Hope The Basics: The Mikinduri Children of Hope or MCOH is an NGO seeking to work with "local leaders, churches, government agencies, and our international partners; and to provide appropriate resources and knowledge to assist the people of Kenya to help themselves." What a coincidence! Yesterday, we featured another member from the beautiful island that is PEI and today this organization hails from the same base. In addition, both yesterday's feature as well as today's focus on the Kenyan region. It is one East Coast reaching out to another East Coast. The theme seems to run and one MCOH volunteer put it best... "It is one small community reaching out to help another." Volunteers swapping stories of the differences between Kenya and Canada/US From the Mikinduri blog, one volunteer shares her experience in a maternity ward in Mikinduri: I (Louise) happened into the maternity ward and realized that there was a woman in advanced labour, all by herself, standing up gripping the rails of a questionable hospital bed for all she was worth. Remembering the dedicated nurse who looked after me during my labour, I figured that I happened in there for a reason. I stayed with Rebecca rubbing her back for the two-and-a-half hours until delivery time. During that period, both Lily and I were able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat using a relatively primitive fetalscope. Since she was okay with it, I witnessed the birth of her extremely sweet baby girl. I was so thrilled to witness that birth miracle, I was honoured to be able to pick up the tab for her hospitalization and delivery. WHY WE LOVE MCOH:

  • MCOH trips to Kenya involve teams of over 30 professionals from ALL disciplines "We don't just need doctors and nurses..."

  • Can you believe this initiative began when Ted Grant donated clothing to a woman from Mikinduri?! Now MCOH is able to raise $70, 000 in just two months and has many programs on the go

  • Watch this video and you'll fall in love too...

i want to spend more time with MCOH:

  • An interview with MCOH founder + president, Ted Grant about the MCOH story and how he fell in love with the people of Mikinduri

  • Be inspired by the women of Mikinduri

  • We were inspired by this family who all went on a recent trip with MCOH

Read up on Day 1 of our Campaign features + find out more about this #reMEMBER business...

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