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Member Spotlight: NBCC

NBCC Website: Brunswick Community College (NBCC) is one of ACIC’s newer members, and they are also our May Member Spotlight!

With over 90 programs and six campuses across New Brunswick, NBCC is a provincially-recognized, public post-secondary institution reputed for producing skilled, knowledgeable graduates who are contributing to the Province’s socio-economic prosperity. NBCC offers students one- and two-year certificate and diploma programs.

International Education & Students

NBCC offers various opportunities for international students in Canada, and works hard to facilitate a strong partnerships with other international post-secondary institutions and attract more international students to NB. Most notably, NBCC, in collaboration with other New Brunswick post-secondary and educational institutions, led the signing of the first international MOU with international post-secondary institutions since International Education Office was created.

The initiative is supported by both the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL). PETL Minister Francine Landry stated, “Attracting international students who will live in New Brunswick and contribute to the cultural diversity of the province is a priority for our government”. He also stated the government is “pleased to support such innovative initiatives that will help to stimulate economic growth and make our province the best place to raise a family.”

NBCC and Galway Business School sign MoU

NBCC Website, News Releases. L-R: Jeff Dempsey, Dean of Business, Information Technology and Hospitality, NBCC; Mary Butler, Vice President – Academic, NBCC; David Niland, CEO, Galway Business School; and Ryan Sullivan, Director of International Education, NBCC.NBCC and Galway Business School (GBS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that "establishes mutual cooperation in program delivery, joint programs, and study abroad opportunities" (NBCC News Release).

GBS, located in Galway, Ireland, is a small third-level college specializing in undergraduate business programmes with an international management focus. The MoU will allow NBCC graduates who complete a two-year diploma program to obtain a business-related degree from GBS. Upon completing their degree, students will also be able to work in Ireland and Europe for one year.

For more information, read the full NBCC News release.

Brazilian NBCC student shines light on NBCBC News Article: Brazil learns about Moncton through YouTube channel (Apr 4, 2016)

Sergio Silva, an NBCC student living in Moncton, NB, is spreading the word on life in Canada to Brazilians through a YouTube channel called Canadá em Porteguês that details the life of Brazilians in Canada. Silva and his partner spoke about the NB hospitality, the affordable cost of living, and the cultural-openness of New Brunswickers.

Read the full CBC News article here.

Racing Around NB

NBCC and CCNB hosted the Amazing Race New Brunswick in 2014, which highlighted the adventures of nearly 30 international students as they embarked on a whirlwind three day, two night journey across NB, starting in Fredericton and ending in Dieppe. Students working in teams to accumulate points through various challenges throughout the province. This is just another way NBCC works to engage international students and encourage cross-cultural experiences and diversity. View the full Amazing Race NB video on the NBCC YouTube Channel!

If you’re interested in keeping up with NBCC, check them out at:

Twitter: @MyNBCC

Instagram: @MyNBCC

YouTube: NBCC


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