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Meet Our IYIP Member International Sustainable Community Assistance (ISCA)

(Interested in apply for an intersnhip with ISCA? Check us out here for more information and details on how to apply!)

1. In 5 words describe ISCA?

Transforming lives through agriculture and governance

2. What are some of your biggest accomplishments as an organization?

Successfully developed the only sustainable long term poultry project operating in Haiti, through training on business and poultry management and demonstration of best practices in poultry management. Have a continuous relationship with communities in Haiti for over 10 years. Successfully promoted cooperative principles in Haiti.

Only organization to have an international observer presence for the Ireland referendum. Largest observer group for Scottish Independence Referendum. Held first ever election process training in Ottawa in 2013.

3. How is the work ISCA and your Southern Partner are doing relevant to international cooperation and global sustainability?

Developing sustainable economic models is very difficult and challenging. It takes careful dialogue with communities and careful implementation and planning. Both ISCA and our southern partner work well together to address these local challenges and have identified ways in which long term economic growth can be achieved, which ultimately has improved the lives of Haitians (improved food security and education)

4. What competencies (skills, knowledge and values) would a potential intern gain working with ISCA and your Southern partner?

Overall, interns will come away from this experience with the background that will ensure that they can be successful in any development setting in the future. Specifically, they develop skills in community participatory approaches, project implementation, cooperative approaches, and project design.

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