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Meet Our Interns: Dennis Kirkness

Thirty-four-year-old Dennis Kirkness travelled from Thompson, Manitoba all set for adventure. Moving to Halifax, NS for two weeks to work as the Youth Local Wisdom Research Facilitator with ACIC member organization GPI Atlantic, Dennis was preparing himself for what was to come. Dennis, who has never travelled outside of the United States, says he applied for the International Aboriginal Youth Internship (IYIP), “out of respect for his elders and peers”. Dennis will travel alongside fellow IYIP intern, Jonathan Wright to Bhutan for a four month internship at the Bhutan Youth Development Fund before returning to Halifax to complete his internship.

Dennis says his he hopes to gain, “valuable work experiences that will help [him] gain a leadership role in [his] home community”. He thinks his most challenging aspect of the six month internship is going to be the “culture shock” of living overseas in Bhutan.

This will be his first taste of an “exotic experience”. He hopes to come back to Canada with a better understanding of international development and a pocketful of experience.

We asked Dennis:

What are you most excited about?

Excited about meeting the people of Bhutan; to see their people working and learn about gross happiness.

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