Islanders named to board of international cooperation council

Two Islanders have recently been appointed to the board of directors of the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC).

Irene Novaczek and Nouhad Mourad are the Director-at-Large and Prince Edward Island Representative respectively.

“We are fortunate to benefit from the commitment and experience of both Ms. Novaczek and Ms. Mourad. ACIC is delighted to have them contributing to the leadership and oversight of the organization,” said Carolyn Whiteway, Acting Executive Director of ACIC.

ACIC is a coalition of individuals, organizations, and institutions working in the Atlantic region in the realm of international cooperation. It supports its member through collective leadership, capacity-building and networking. Novaczek and Mourad are integral in representing the voice of ACIC members in PEI such as the Cooper Institute, Atlantic Chapter of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Campbell Webster Foundation, Cuso Interntational, CUPE - Global Justice Committee, International Sustainable Community Assistance, Mikinduri Children of Hope, University of Prince Edward Island, and WUSC.

“I’m interested in offering my services to organizations that help activists for sustainable social development accomplish their goals. ACIC is one such umbrella organization, and the only one working regionally in Atlantic Canada,” said Novaczek.

Novaczek and Mourad recently attended the bi-monthly members networking breakfast in Charlottetown and are both serving on the Annual Symposium and 40th Anniversary committee

“I have had extensive experience in coordinating, planning and implementing events through my volunteer work in various areas, especially concerning areas of social justice, diversity, global sustainability and democracy and look forward to using those skills through ACIC,” stated Mourad.

ACIC will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year kicking off celebrations in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador at its annual networking and capacity-building symposium.