High Level Meeting, Kenya

From November 28 to December 1, 2016 ACIC’s Jennifer Sloot had the privilege of participating in the HLM2 (High Level Meeting) in Nairobi, Kenya, as a part of the North American Civil Society delegation. ACIC Board Member, Brian Tomlinson, of Aid Watch Canada was also a part of the delegation. 

One of the highlights for Jennifer was participating in the CSO Forum, November 29, 2016. This was an opportunity to learn from many CSO (civil society organisation) leaders from around the world, on their challenges related to Development Effectiveness and the “Enabling Environment” (or more accurately, the closing space for CSOs, around the world). 

The key purpose of the meeting for those involved in negotiations on the Nairobi Outcome document, was to ensure that all of the previous achievements and gains made by CSOs in previous meetings in Busan, Mexico and elsewhere, such as the recognition of CSOs as development actors in our own right, continue to be recognized. 

Although the majority of us on the delegation were not directly engaged in these negotiations once the HLM2 started, those in the inner leadership group told us that the outcomes were positive, and the Nairobi Outcome Document and Civil Society Statement were considered to be very strong. 

It was a very interesting learning experience, and good opportunity to represent ACIC within the North American delegation, and with the official Canadian delegates, including the Canadian Ambassador to Kenya (and the region), and the Global Affairs Canada representatives. 

As follow up to the HLM2, there was a meeting in January between those participating in the Canadian Civil Society delegation and GAC (Global Affairs Canada). The meeting provided an opportunity for Julia Sanchez (head of the Canadian delegation and recently elected co-chair of the CSO Partnership on Development Effectiveness -CPDE) to continue to push the key messages in the Nairobi Outcome Document and Civil Society Statement

As well, CCIC shared an excellent analytical summary of the HLM2, co-prepared by Brian Tomlinson and linked HERE. The paper focuses on what was accomplished in Nairobi as well as emerging challenges for the Global Partnership and development effectiveness efforts, and presents some ideas for moving forward.