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Request for Proposals | Strategic Planning Consultant

Atlantic Council for International Cooperation

Job Type



Preferably Atlantic Canada


N/A - Request for Proposals

About the Role

ACIC is looking for a consultant to design and lead a strategic planning process and to develop a five-year Strategic Plan for our organization. Our aim is to have a new compelling forward looking Strategic Plan in place by January 2024. We desire a strategic planning process that will engage our board, staff, member organizations and possibly other stakeholders.

There are key moments when we bring our members together – networking events, workshops/capacity building activities and public engagement events within the Atlantic province occur a few times a year. We have regular, bimonthly virtual Board Meetings and two face-to-face meetings per year, one in the late fall (symposium) and one during our AGM in June. The board will formed an ad hoc strategic planning committee to help guide the process. We would like our approach to hone in on the areas where we already have a competitive advantage rather than starting with a “blank slate” during a consultation process with our membership.

As part of our strategic planning process, we would also like to engage with constituents/participants to learn more about include engaging youth and teachers, indigenous populations, effectively using a gender lens, engaging with universities, and framing our work around the Sustainable Development Goals, the FIAP and the Indo-Pacific Strategy. We would also like the consultant to assist with identifying additional areas of interest and to help prioritize where we think we have the most value added.


Our current Strategic Directions were approved in 2018 for the period 2019-2024. Access it here. ACIC has an eight-member Board of Directors and a staff team of ten staff. Our major funder is Global Affairs Canada, with small amounts of funding coming through the Nova Scotia provincial government. We are currently beginning our fifth year of a seven-year agreement with Global Affairs Canada which will be completed in March 2026. We initially had a four-year agreement ending in March 2023, which was extended to March 2026.  

About the Company

The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation is a coalition of individuals, organizations and institutions working in the Atlantic region to build and model just, equitable and sustainable communities, locally and globally. ACIC connects leadership across generations by strengthening members and partners, bridging dialogue and building networking and learning opportunities. ACIC also represents and amplifies the voice of Atlantic Canada and connects the Atlantic with other provincial, national and international stakeholders.

ACIC is a rich and vibrant coalition; our varied members - over 70 in the Atlantic Provinces - are united by our strong commitment to building a better world. Please check the members page on our website for more details on ACIC's membership.

To Apply

Please include:  
  • Executive summary of your strategic planning experience with not-for-profit organizations, and if you have experience with membership based organizations. 

  • An outline of how you might approach this work 

  • Proposed activities and timeline, with roles and responsibilities for Consultant and ACIC, including expected consulting hours required for each component.   

  • Amount you would charge for this work, and an estimate of number of days for this task. 

  • Three references for whom you have provided similar services.  

Please send your application to by 11:59 PM on August 13, 2023.

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