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Catherine Baillie Abidi

Catherine is a doctoral student in Educational Studies at St. Francis Xavier University.

Grace Allen

Grace is an immigration and refugee lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She has spent significant time living, studying, and travelling abroad throughout her life.  Her background in human rights makes her a committed advocate and dedicated lawyer.

Ivana Amidzic

Finishing master thesis in Political Economy of International Development. Well travelled and having international volunteer, educational, business, political and academic background and practical experience. Working and volunteering in the sector of international and regional development and in international organizations for 10 years now. Especially interested in alternatives to development. LinkedIn:

Dr. Carolyn Brown

A native of Cape Breton Island, Carolyn Peach Brown is an Assistant Professor and Director of Environmental Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PEI. She obtained her PhD in Natural Resource Policy and Management from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, in 2005. Prior to doing her PhD she worked for over ten years in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the village level in community development in partnership with the Congolese Church. Carolyn’s research focuses broadly on strategies in environmental governance for management of commons resources, and how such strategies can contribute to the goals of sustainable resource management and improved livelihoods. In particular, she explores the role played by communities and civil society groups in multi-level governance, in the context of changing policy and a changing climate. She continues to maintain an active research focus in Central Africa, particularly Cameroon. She is also conducting research on community adaptation to climate change in Atlantic Canada.

Bobby Thomas Cameron

Bobby is from Hampton, PE, holds an MA in Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University and a BA in History (Honours) and Political Studies from University of PEI. Website:

Anuj Singh Charan

Anuj is an Instructional Designer at the Faculty of Medicine (MUN) developing accredited continuing medical education/professional development programs. He has over 8 years of experience in delivering knowledge transfers and working with various subject matter experts.

Pete Day

Dalhousie graduate with a BA in International Development studies.

Tapiwa Dheka

Tapiwa Dheka, 24 years of age, Zimbabwean. Graduate with a BA in International development studies and Humanities, .

Darlene Doiron

An educator, a chartered mediator, a sustainable world peace activist, Darlene Doiron specialises in interpersonal workplace and community based conflict. She is best known for her longstanding peace work and dedication to creating a more positive and harmonious province of New Brunswick. 

Kimberley Douglass

Keith Forsyth

Keith Forsyth was a public Chartered Accountant for many years in Nova Scotia. Since then he has become a nomad traveling the world. He has spent over five years as an international volunteer in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Carribbean as well as spending over three years in the Canadian North.

Chris Gillian

Mary Jane Harkins

Joy Hecht

Marian Lucas-Jefferies

Retired Anglican priest. Coordinates Mission, Outreach and Social Justice, Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI. Coordinates the Diocese of NS & PEI Environment Network. Involvement in the co-operative movement, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWRDF.

Jesse Lalonde

Taylor Quinn

Mary Rigby

Catherine Ronahan

Erica Stanley

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with Stanley Immigration Consulting. Find Erica here: LinkedIn: Erica Stanley, FacebookTwitter

Louise Webb

Della Webster

Retired school administrator who worked in Choibalsan, Mongolia in 2010 for Cuso International. Is a great granny!