IIIYP: Volunteer Youth Corps Inc, Guyana

Internship Job Description:

VYC Career Guidance Support Intern


Organization: Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. (VYC)

The VYC was launched in 1996 against a backdrop of deteriorating care in the health sector, particularly at Guyana’s primary health care institution-Georgetown Hospital. Since that time, VYC has since grown to broadly address the developmental needs of children and youth through access to health, social and economic support necessary for improved quality of life. The youth unemployment rate is 41% in Guyana and when dis-aggregated by sex, the rate for young women is 46.90% unemployment and 39.70% for young men. VYC seeks to support young women in their careers and seeks to enhance women’s opportunities to start their own businesses. An overarching goal is to improve the socioeconomic conditions of young women living in Georgetown, Guyana.

Project Summary:

Volunteer Youth Corps Inc Career Guidance Program is a locally developed course taught by certified teachers in participating schools, as mandated by the Ministry of Education.  The vision of the program is to reduce the youth unemployment rate by expanding to National implementation by the Ministry of Education.  The Program goals are to develop students’ self awareness for the purpose of more fulfilling career development, develop job competencies, cultural awareness, appreciation and inclusion of ethnic and gender diversity and positive attitudes toward and contribution to environmental sustainability.  To this end the Career Guidance Program facilitators at participating schools are regularly monitored to ensure our accountability to funders and the ongoing maintenance and development of the course.

VYC's breadth of programming means that youth who participate in the Career Guidance program can graduate into other VYC programs to continue building skills and seeking employment opportunities. For example, VYC’s Women’s Empowerment Program goes a step further by introducing a sustainable option to increase young women’s income through the Savings and Business Planning Training Initiative. The program is continuously evolving to adapt to the needs of local women. VYC aims to facilitate and maintain membership, interest, and participation of young women in Guyana’s entrepreneurial environment by redefining what business training looks like and how it is practiced in the Guyanese context.

VYC Career Guidance Support Intern (2 Positions):

The volunteer will visit, observe, and support the implementation of the Career Guidance program at assigned schools in Guyana’s capital city, Georgetown. Sessions will constitute the first or last half of a teaching hour or the full teaching period.  During the sessions interns will: work with youth and staff to enhance the learning of indigenous students, provide technology support, and work with VYC staff to provide feedback to teachers on approaches and methods.

Overall, interns should expect to:

  •  Enhance the learning of Indigenous and other students in the ten (10) Georgetown Schools
  •  Provide hands on support to teachers facilitating Career Guidance sessions using a multi-media projector.
  •  Assist in the preparation and promotion of the Career Guidance conference for High school youth
  •  Meet and build networks with the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs.
  • Complete Lesson Delivery Monitor’s Checklist to identify teaching behaviours for each observation session.
  • Maintain a tracking spreadsheet on program delivery
  •  Deliver communications, learning materials, and documentation to Teachers as needed
  •   Other task may be assigned from time to time

Required Skills/Characteristics: This position is intended to support the employability and professional growth of the interns.  To this end, as necessary, the interns will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of contemporary teaching methods, notably critical thinking, creative thinking and use of questions to promote the development of these skills with learners by monitoring use of same in program classrooms
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of timely and accurate records, cross referencing and sharing for program stability, maintenance and development by keeping such records
  •  Ideally have extensive experience working with in-school youth
  •  Have a strong interest in developing youth leadership skills as they chose their own career path
  •  Have experience in organizing events, and be willing to learn how to apply this to experience to work in Guyana
  •  Be willing to gain knowledge of career issues affecting youth, especially Amerindians in Guyana
  •  Ability to adapt to different cultures

Placement Characteristics:  **This section is under development**