IIIYP: Thai Volunteer Service, Cambodia

Internship Job Description:

Research, Communications, and Technology Facilitator


Organization: Thai Volunteer Service (TVS)

TVS coordinates development projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. TVS works in eight Mekong countries, coordinating community development initiatives and linking Non-Governmental Organizations with essential resources and supports. This includes the placement of committed and skilled personnel on their development projects. TVS aims to foster skills in young people through experiential volunteer activities and helping youth who have experienced significant challenges become agents of social change.

TVS's objectives are:

  1.  To create forums of learning for developing attitudes and skills for volunteers who want to support vulnerable communities;
  2. To enhance the capacity of young people to develop their skills and analytical thinking by conducting training and exposure trips;
  3.  To promote collaboration among non-governmental organizations and governmental organizations; and
  4. To seek a social development approach with other sectors to create a just and peaceful society.

Intern Project Summary:

Some of the communities that TVS engages with grapple with challenges such as poverty, food insecurity, and lack of employment options for women and youth in particular. The primary focus of this project is poverty reduction. TVS provides relevant training to groups of women and youth who are seeking to produce items made from agricultural and other non-timber forest products. By supporting women and youth in developing the best possible product design, they will be more likely to support themselves and their communities in poverty reduction. The project contains elements that are strongly focused on enabling processes for: gender equity, increased food security, youth entrepreneurship, and intergenerational sharing of local wisdom.

Research, Communications and Technology Facilitator (2 positions): 

The Research, Communications and Technology Facilitator interns will support the work of TVS by: supporting processes of program monitoring and evaluation; developing a database of based on collaborative engagement from the community; creating and assisting with multi-media presentations, video-editing, writing website content, publications and other communication materials as required; developing and facilitating visual media or other workshops for youth and partners, as requested; fostering youth-elder community development partnerships; helping plan and facilitate workshops and community events; and devising new and innovative ways to transfer knowledge, communicate results and engage communities in Canada and Cambodia.

The intern will also conduct research, write reports and be asked to meaningfully & creatively engage on: issues related to food security, agriculture, and preserving biodiversity in agricultural development. They will be involved in hands-on organic farming, sustainable forestry and textile work as requested by partners.

Required Skills/Characteristics: The two interns will need to collectively comprise the following:

  • Communications, and graphic design experience
  • Understanding of monitoring and evaluation processes; experience using M & E tools an asset
  •  Interest in organic farming/ sustainable forestry and willingness to provide hands-on support where required
  • Excellent written, visual and oral communication skills
  • Computer skills and experience developing publications, and using social media and other communication platforms
  • Strong work ethic and able to meet tight deadlines. Demonstrated ability to manage time, organize an event or program and to take initiative
  • Able to physically handle tough terrains, living in a remote village or busy city, and carrying out these requirements in a context of fluctuating power and limited supplies
  • The interest and ability to work as a tight-knit team, but also able to work independently
  • Personable, polite and friendly and enjoy being with youth as well as older people. Experience working with youth strongly desired
  •  Strong interest in international development.
  •  Intern will need to provide police check and child abuse screening.  Emergency Red Cross training is also an asset

Placement Characteristics:

We would love to have interns who have a genuine desire to help others and who are interested in developing skills they can bring home to help their own communities. The four interns will be based in Phnom Penh and will stay in one or two shared apartments. The host organization will help find accommodations, and help interns deal with visa requirements, finding their way around and participating in community activities.