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Hive Mind: the online, self-paced course on public engagement

It's back!
Revised, Updated, and Accessible: Hive Mind, the online, self-paced course on public engagement, has been revised for format and content, and made more accessible so that individuals interested in the course can sign-up at any time rather than at prescribed times during the year. You will be able to finish at your own pace, and not bound to strict deadlines.

When: ongoing
Where: online


  • Earn a Course Certificate: Participants will be granted a course certificate in public engagement upon completion of the course

  • Participants can take the module that they are most interested in and most relevant to their work

  • Team Learning and Building Experience: When groups of people from the same organization can take the course , and benefit from sharing their learning and analysis, and completing a professional development exercise together - and for free! Whatever is learned, can also be more easily applied to their work as it has been through a process of shared and group learning.

  • Excellent ersonal and professional development opportunity, particularly for newcomers to  public engagement: The course is  a great personal learning and  professional development experience particularly for those who are new to the sector, prefer individual learning, or are restricted in terms of time and resources.

  • Access and learn from practical examples and case studies!