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Development and Peace – Caritas Canada Solidarity Visitor Speaking Tour

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada Solidarity Visitor Speaking Tour: Meet our Partner from Lebanon in Halifax THIS WEEK (March 15)!

When: THURSDAY MARCH 15th at 7:00pm
Where: St. Mary’s University (CLARI Space, Atrium Room AT340). 

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada is excited to announce that the HRM will be hosting a Solidarity Visitor from our Lebanese partner, Adyan, THIS WEEK.  Nagham Tarhini is currently touring Canada’s Atlantic provinces to discuss her work as a Community Outreach Coordinator with Adyan (see ), and to thank Canadians for their generous support of her work through their support of Development and Peace. 

In her own words:

Adyan is a space where individuals can explore and experiment cultural and religious diversity, as well as the dimensions of solidarity with others. It is where individuals build a common understanding of the diversity-related challenges in the public sphere, and on a personal level as well. Adyan represents a trustful resource to empower its members’ knowledge and conceptual background, and their skills and tools in communication, dialogue, leadership, critical thinking.  It is not the place where they can find the answers they need, however it is the place where they can learn the methodology of how they can search to find these answers. It is where individuals embrace their uniqueness, and search for the richness coming to their lives because of the other’s differences.

My work is directly related to the axe of Community at Adyan. I work as the Community Outreach Coordinator, which includes all the strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of the programs and actions related to Adyan’s Interfaith Networks and Spiritual Solidarity Events. The activities include recruiting new volunteers, working closely with the elected committee of each network to develop their yearly calendar (training, workshops, camps, study trips, community service actions…), ensuring a smooth and fruitful implementation of the activities, following up on development of the networks, fostering the link between the growing community of Adyan (more than 400 members) and Adyan’s major events in other axes or Adyan’s Spiritual Solidarity Events such the yearly Spiritual Solidarity Day.