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ACT 4 Global Change Youth Perspective on Peacebuilding

February 8th, 2018 | Cole Harbour District High School

Kardeisha Provo, one of this year's four ACT 4 Global Change Tour participants, will be holding a conversation about “Developing Diverse Ways to Build Inner Peace.”

She says, "I traveled to Africa this summer where I was able to broaden my lens a little bit, yet, I still have lots to learn. I plan to share stories from people I connected with in Uganda while providing space to receive insight from you at home. Together, we can and will develop diversity around the conversation of peace. What it looks like for me may not be what it looks like for you but how do we cater to both? Inner peace turns to outer peace; therefore spreading throughout our communities and eventually the world I hope you can join me! Bring a friend or two."

Learn about the ACT 4 Global Change Tour and read Kardeisha's blog by visting