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Can International Partnerships be Successful? Lessons from Dalhousie’s Health & Oceans Programs

Where: Nova Scotia Archives, 6016 University Ave, Halifax
As part of International Development Week (IDW) 2018: Partners for a Better World, Dalhousie’s Marine Affairs Program and Global Health Office invite you to join this panel discussion.
We will highlight the diverse international work being done at Dalhousie and discuss the strengths and challenges associated with these partnerships.
Moderator: Dr. John Cameron, International Development Studies

  • Ms. Kristal Ambrose, Masters of Marine Management
  • Dr. Megan Bailey, Marine Affairs
  • Dr. Ronald George, Department of Anesthesia
  • Dr. Janice Graham, Department of Pediatrics

For more information please follow the Twitter accounts @DalGlobalHealth or @DalMarAffairs or go HERE.