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UPEI Environmental Studies Book Club Discussion Series

Environmental Studies Program and Robertson Library Talks invite the members of the UPEI community to participate in the Environmental Studies Book Club discussion series. The aim of the Environmental Studies Book Club series is to facilitate the campus-wide discussion about various environmental issues, and provide an informal learning opportunity to university students. 

Where: The discussions will take place in Robertson Library—Reading Room, 2nd Floor, UPEI

  • October 17th, noon-1pm
    Chapter 3: Buffalo Crusaders: The Sacred Struggle for America’s Last Wild and Pure Herd

  • November 7th, noon-1pm
    Chapter 4: Between Good and Evil: The Science, Culture, and Polarization of Wolf Conflict

  • November 28th, noon-1pm
    Chapter 5: Drilling Our Soul: Moral Boundary Work in an Unlikely Old-West Fight against Fracking

This fall we will be reading Justin Farrell’s book Battle for Yellowstone: Morality and the Sacred Roots of Environmental Conflict (2015). Farrell’s book is an illuminating and engaging account of environmental conflicts that have been raging in the iconic Yellowstone National Park for the past two centuries. “The Battle for Yellowstone asks why it is that, with the flood of expert scientific, economic, and legal efforts to resolve disagreements over Yellowstone, there is no improvement? Why do even seemingly minor issues erupt into impassioned disputes? What can Yellowstone teach us about the worsening environmental conflicts worldwide?” (

The discussion series will be of interest to anybody who would like to exchange opinions and learn more about the history and present day of nature conservation, conflict over natural resources, discourses and narratives about nature, and the role of spirituality and values in shaping human-environment interaction.

The e-book is available through the UPEI library. Just go to search in the catalogue for Battle for Yellowstone. Click on the link and begin reading! Contact a librarian if you have questions.

If you are interested in joining/leading the discussions, please feel free to contact Dr. Nino Antadze at