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Mestizo Soul: Guatemalan musician Rebeca Lane tours Eastern Canada this fall

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Rebeca was born in Guatemala City on December  6, 1984, in the middle of a civil war and was named after her aunt that had been kidnaped and disappeared by the military government in 1981 because of her political involvement in the guerrilla movement. Since she was very young, she started to investigate and get involved in the efforts to retrieve the historical memory of those war years and became an activist in organizations of family members of people kidnaped or killed by the military government. This brought her to get to know other struggles of the people claiming their historical right over their lands and several political movements of workers and land laborers against neoliberalism and the politics that had caused even more social conflict that during the war. Being part of the social movement made her realize that women had less participation and leadership, so she started to get interested in feminism. As a poet, she’s been committed to her liberation as a woman and the heterosexual roles imposed on her body, and the colonization and militarization of the land she’s been born in. She’s been published in several magazines in Guatemala, Puerto Rico and México and has performed throughout the Americas and Europe.

Watch and listen to Rebeca's "This Body is Mine" which explores violence against women.
Check out Rebeca's work, including articles, photos, and music at 

Join BTS and partner organizations this October and November to welcome critically acclaimed hip hop artist Rebeca Lane to Eastern Canada.

October 27 at 8pm: Halifax – Bus Stop Theatre
October 28 at 8pm: Charlottetown – The Guild
October 30: Antigonish
November 1: Fredericton
November 4 at 9pm: Toronto – Burdock Music Hall
November 6: Montreal


Click here for more information and to buy tickets.