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Fundraising for Social Change - Tatamagouche Centre

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The premise of fundraising for social change is simple: it is possible to raise the money you need to do the work you want.  It is not necessary to compromise your values or change your programs and it doesn’t matter if you work in a rural or urban community. Fundraising is also part of community organizing and can be built into everything an organization does. 

 In this intensive residential workshop, you will learn:

  • --that most money is given away by individuals & that most of those people are not rich
  • --how to identify people who might donate to your organization
  • --different fundraising strategies and which ones work for which people
  • --how to build a team of volunteers willing to help raise money for your organization
  • --how to ask for money in person
  • --how to create a fundraising plan and keep track of your progress

This workshop is designed for small organizations (budgets under $1,000,000) working for social justice.