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“The afterlife of bauxite Mines: Caribbean and Australian experiences” Fredericton, NB

All faculty, students, and interested members of the Fredericton and wider New Brunswick communities are invited. The workshop will now take place in the Forestry and Geology building, Room 202 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. After the workshop, a light dinner will be served in the second floor of the UNB Grad House.

Brad Cross
History, Saint Thomas University
“The afterlife of bauxite Mines: Caribbean and Australian experiences”


Rather than give a traditional 45-minute talk followed by a Q and A, we ask that presenters circulate a paper of up to 10,000 words ten days before their workshop. Workshop attendees will have access to the papers through this website and a password protected link. Email for the password.

Rather than orally present the paper, we ask that each presenter take five-minutes to introduce and contextualize their contribution. Following this, a discussant will give their appreciation, critique, and commentary on the paper with the aim of raising issues and asking questions. From here, we will ask the presenter to remain silent, and listen as the workshop participants make their own interventions on the paper. Finally, the presenter will given the floor once again to answer the questions they found most compelling and to make further comments.