#reMEMBER Campaign Day 6

How was your long weekend? We're back in the office and have lined up a whole 'nother week of posts about our members.

Hint: Today's organization is based in Charlottetown, and doesn't take a stand on any particular issue. Instead, it serves the mandates of other organizations concerned with the environment.

Any ideas?

The Basics: The PEI Environmental Network, more fondly known as the PEIEN, is a "not-for-profit, non-governmental network of groups working to improve the environment." They are affiliated with 10 other environmental networks or eco-nets such as the Sierra Club of Canada. Together these organizations form the Canadian Environmental Network. The PEIEN works to provide support for its members by sharing information and technical/ admin support.


i want to spend more time with the PEIEN:

See who we featured just before the long weekend!

Still not sure what this reMEMBER campaign business is all about?? Read this.

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