reMEMBER Campaign day 16: Nova Scotia Environmental Network

Today, we're featuring two environmental networks in the Atlantic region...Did you know that in 1980, all environmental networks belonged under one organization called the Atlantic Environmental Network? Brush up on some history.

Hint: This member's "mission is to connect environmental and health organizations together to conserve and enhance our natural environment and achieve a sustainable future for Nova Scotia. We know that we are stronger and can be more successful if we work together to achieve positive change."

Can you guess who it is?

The Basics: The Nova Scotia Environmental Network or NSEN is an NGO connecting environmental groups throughout Nova Scotia for the past 20 years. "The purpose of the NSEN is to provide support for its members in their efforts to achieve their environmental and health goals, by facilitating information exchange and by providing a medium for coordinated action plans."


  • Their commitment to their members. They love their members just as much as we do.
  • A commitment to educating and empowering youth
  • We love Janelle (post to come about Janelle! - she's second from the right in the photo below) who works part-time for ACIC and used to work with the NSEN

i want to spend more time with NSEN:

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