#reMEMBER Campaign Day 1

Hint: This member most recently had Chef Michael Smith host their event and raised over $28,000 to build a school cookhouse in rural Kenya. Can you guess who they are?

If you haven't already guessed, here are some photos to help you out!

Githeri, a traditional Kenyan dish with maize, corn, and beans, was served as part of their annual Village Feast

1000 people attended the Village Feast this year to build a Kenyan cookhouse

Chef Michael Smith barebeques steaks for the Village Feast!

Sharing knowledge with local Kenyan farmers

Kenyan children outside a cookhouse FHF has helped to build

Our #reMEMBER Campaign DAY 1 Featured Member is... Farmers Helping Farmers!

The Basics: FHF is a community-minded people from PEI assisting East African farmers abroad. The organization grew out of a conference that took place in 1979. They have a growing list of projects from school twinning (Canadian schools partner with Kenyan schools) to their annual Village Feast. This feast brings together local chefs to put on a meal that showcases local food and raises funds to build cookhouses in rural Kenya. These are just a couple of the projects FHF run.


  • Just 2-3% of funds raised goes towards administrative costs
  • FHF has no staff; it's run purely by the good hearts of volunteers
  • They take a hands-on approach to helping those in rural Kenya; they've partnered with UPEI to send students to volunteer in Kenya

i want to spend more time with FHF: 

  • a documentary with Michael Smith about behind-the-scenes work for the Village Feast
  • a blog featuring FHF's adventures in Kenya

If you're passionate about agriculture, PEI, food, Kenya, or simply want to know more about FHF, be sure to check em out!!