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    If you’re looking to get involved, now is the time. Whether you’re interested in sustainable development, social justice, or other issues facing us globally and locally, check our calendar for events happening near you. Do you have an event that you would like to share with the ACIC community? Please share! Although many of our events are posted in English, feel free to post events in both official languages (French and English).

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    Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good

    Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good

    Sign up now: http://bit.ly/2fcZZZZ. Next Learning conhort starts in June.

    Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good is designed as an introductory course for practitioners who would like to explore the key concepts of public engagement, boost their ability to connect with stakeholders in their communities and learn how to build effective partnerships. The course will provide practical tools for animating the community and connecting with your target audience, with a special focus on reaching students and youth.

    This course on public engagement has much to offer as an overview for folks who are new to the sector and those looking to reconnect with the concepts that underpin their work, as well as students passionate about social change and teachers trying to inspire their students to become global citizens. Everything is designed in layers, so there is plenty to delve into if you want to learn more!

    Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good is a flexible, go at your own pace, online program that takes roughly 20 hours to complete. A certificate is offered upon course completion.

    Brought to you by the ICN – the creators of the Global Hive

    Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2fcZZZZ

    Third cohort starts June 2017.

    Learning objectives include:

    • Creating and putting your organization’s Theory of Change into practice;
    • Exploring best practices for youth engagement (19-30);
    • Creating learning environments that, by design, foster engagement and build global citizenship in schools, places of employment and across communities;
    • Using tools to assess how potential partners and partnerships may align with your organization's goals and needs;
    • And more!

    For more information, contact Krista Dinsmore at icn.rcc@bccic.ca.

    Programme de formation national - messages promotionnels. Une ruche qui bourdonne: l'engagement du public au service du bien commun Aperçu du cours: Une ruche qui bourdonne: l'engagement du public au service du bien commun. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant: http://bit.ly/2fcZZZZ


    Mother’s Day Fundraiser for Mosquito Nets in Kenya


    Breaking Barriers and Moving Forward: Challenges Faced by Asian Women in New Brunswick and Strategies for Integration

    When: May 18-19, 2017
    Where: Fredericton, NB

    The 'Breaking Barriers and Moving Forward: Challenges Faced by Asian Women in New Brunswick and Strategies for Integration' Project objective is to address the diverse challenges faced by immigrant women, particularly Asian women immigrants, in New Brunswick, and find ways to facilitate successful integration of this group with the mainstream population.

    The project brings together a multidisciplinary team of academics, community participants, stakeholders, and policy makers, from the University of New BrunswickDepartment of Anthropology (UNB) the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research, the Asian Heritage Society of N.B, and the New Brunswick Multicultural Council.

    Register online


    ACIC Symposium 2017

    COMMON CONCERN: Standing Together as Global Citizens

    When: June 15-17, 2017
    Where: Sackville, NB

    Learn more and register at www.acicsymposium.org


    Breaking the Silence Annual Gathering

    We'll be joined by Sandra Lopez, Director of the New Hope Foundation, and other special guests. Come reconnect with other BTSers and hear about the inspiring work of the New Hope Foundation School in Rabinal! The school offers education opportunities to Maya Achi youth, many of whose parents or grandparents were killed during the genocide in Guatemala. 
    Where: Tatamagouche Centre, NS
    When: June 23-25, 2017
    For more information, contact Lisa Rankin btscoordinator@gmail.com